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Design Your Dream Wedding Cake With Cake Artist Vivian Mehta

Every Cake A Work Of Art

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On a day when every thing must be perfect, Spectacular Cakes offers wedding cakes of impeccable taste designed to your specifications. You may order a tempting variety of cakes, fillings and buttercreams to create the perfect wedding cake that fits your personal style. Our cakes are always baked fresh to order, using no shortcuts in our ingredients or methods. We use only fresh eggs, Creamy butter, the finest local dairy products, fresh fruits, and imported chocolates. We never freeze!
Sculpted 2-d and 3-d cakes are available in buttercream and/or fondant only.

  ***Cake deposits are Non-Refundable***

2-dimensional cakes start at $2.50./person and are priced individually with a minimum of $40.00.  
3-dimensional cakes start at $3.50 per serving with a minimum of $100.00.  
All pricing is subject to design complexity and flavors chosen.  All 3-d cakes are priced individually.
Order your holiday cakes early !
We cannot guarantee the safe transportation of any cake that we do not deliver.
*Only the first cake tasting is free of charge. Any second tastings have a $20.00 charge.
*Cake tastings are only done for wedding cakes or other large parties,in other words no tastings for a 20 serving birthday cake-sorry.

Off-set gift box

This cake serves 175 and is a fun offset look.

Call Vivian today at 913-432-4645

Cupcake wedding displays are available.

5 Steps to a Custom Wedding Cake

Your wedding cake, no doubt, will be one of the highlights of your wedding. It is important that you design it to reflect your overall theme or give it that unforgettable personal touch.

These 5 steps will get you on your way to creating a custom wedding cake that all will remember:

  1. How many servings will you need? If the cake is the only dessert that will be served at your reception, it's a good idea to have enough for all your guests. Once this has been established, you'll know what sizes you'll need and the shapes you want.
  2. Decide on how you want the sizes and the shapes to be set up. Do you want them stacked on top of another? Stacked with pillars in between? Graduated with each cake on a separate stand? Do you want them on a novelty stand like one that's shaped like a tree, a planter?
  3. After deciding the set up of the cake, think of how you want the cake to look. Do you want it to match an overall theme, ie. shells, flowers, or stars? If not, do you want the design to mimic the details of your dress or do you simply want ribbons and dots?
  4. Now that you have the cake's overall look, you can decide on what flavors and fillings each teir will have.
  5. As a last detail, you can sketch out the design of your cake table to match your cake and the theme of you wedding.

These five steps will get you on your way to designing your wedding cake with that personal touch; one that all your guests will surely remember for years to come.

Mini Wedding Cakes

Mini wedding cakes make a beautiful presentation,and each guest gets there own cake. Mini cakes with beading are $10.00 each. Minicakes with a easier design are $7.00 each.

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